I have 15 years of experience teaching courses in literature, creative writing, composition, trans studies, women’s studies, and queer studies at institutions from Yale University and Queens College to the Poetry Project and the Naropa Summer Writing Program. I am the recipient of a WAC (Writing Across the Curriculum) Fellowship and I have also been certified in WID (Writing In the Disciplines), both at CUNY colleges. My course Trans and Nonbinary Poetry, which I designed for Hunter College and which I have taught there from 2015-2021 (and at Emory University in spring of 2022), was featured by PBS Newshour.

Courses Taught

  • UCONN, Storrs: Visiting Assistant Professor, English, fall 2022-present
    Seminar in Academic Writing and Multimodal Composition (ENGL 1007)
    Studio in Multimodal Composition (ENGL 1007L)
    Introduction to Academic Writing (ENGL 1004)
    Transformation Now: Gender, Equity, Inclusion (UNIV 3088)
  • Emory University: N.E.H. Post-Doctoral Fellow in Poetics, fall 2021-spring 2022
    Trans and Nonbinary Poetry (IDS 385W-5: Special Topics).
  • Hunter College: Adjunct Lecturer, English and Women’s Studies, fall 2015-spring 2021
    Trans and Nonbinary Poetry (ENGL 32265 / WGS).
    Introduction to Literature (ENGL 220)
    English Composition (ENGL 120)
  • Naropa University Summer Writing Program: Guest Faculty, summer 2018
    Poet as Journalist: Affect, Hypervisibility, Resistance (poetry writing workshop)
  • Yale University: Visiting Lecturer, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, spring 2017
    Transgender Cultural Production (WGSS 324)
  • The Poetry Project at St Marks: Writing Workshop Instructor, fall 2016.
    Learning From Trans Poets (poetry writing workshop)
  • Parsons The New School for Design: Adjunct Lecturer, fall 2013-spring 2015.
    Integrative Seminar 1(PUFY 1010)
    Integrative Seminar 2: (PUFY 1011).
  • Kingsborough Community College: WAC Fellow, fall 2013-spring 2014.
    At Kingsborough I worked in the Writing Center on campus, and I ran a pedagogy blog for WAC Fellows and Professors who taught writing in various disciplines.
  • LaGuardia Community College: Adjunct Lecturer, English, fall 2009-summer 2010, spring 2012-summer 2013.
    At Laguardia I participated in a teaching practicum for which I wrote a final paper on theories of composition pedagogy. I also participated in a certification program for WID (Writing in the Disciplines).
    Introduction to Poetry (ENG 270)
    Creative Writing (ENG 198)
    Writing Through Literature (ENG 102)
    The Research Paper (ENG 103)
    English Composition (ENG 101)
  • Queens College: Adjunct Lecturer, English and SEEK Program, fall 2010-spring 2011
    Introduction to Poetry (ENGL 165W – writing intensive)
    English Composition (ENGL 110)
  • John Jay College: Adjunct Lecturer, English, fall 2010-summer 2011
    Classical Literature (LIT 230)
    Medieval & Renaissance Literature (LIT 231).
  • The University of Arizona: Adjunct / Graduate Teaching Assistant, English, fall 2000-spring 2002
    I received graduate teaching fellowships both years while attending the MFA program at the U of A, and I participated in a teaching practicum during all four semesters.
    English Composition (ENGL 102 – honors)
    Poetry Writing Workshop (ENGL 209 – honors)